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UGYM Pro User Manual


Please consult a doctor before using UGYM mini if you have below conditions:

  • Pacemaker or cardiac dysfunction
  • Hypertension, cancer or diabetes.
  • Body temperature over 38°C, acute inflammation or in frail condition.
  • Muscle sprain, strain or in acute pain.
  • Pregnant, have given natural birth within past 6 months, or had a caesarean section within past year.

Our smart deep muscle sport massager lets you relax and relieve muscle tension anytime, anywhere. Its sleek and portable design makes UGYM Pro extremely easy to carry with you and allows users to use it at home or on the go.

UGYM Pro uses medium frequency stimulation between 4000-8000 Hz that can penetrate deep into subcutaneous muscle tissue, stimulating deeper nerves and pressure points to effectively relieve muscle soreness, pain or stiffness.

Using our unique and unprecedented digital massage technology, users will feel deep tissue stimulation similar to a traditional massage or acupuncture performed by a massage therapist. This is what separates U-GYM from other low frequency stimulators, such as TENS and STIMs. Low frequency TENS units only stimulate as deep as the epidermis, which can leave you with an uncomfortable stinging feeling.

UGYM Pro connects to your smartphone through an embedded BLE module to provide more functionality. With the U-GYM Smart Massage app, supporting both iOS and Android OS, you can design your own muscle training or preferred massage programs and share them with friends.

UGYM Pro connects to your smartphone through an embedded BLE module to provide more functionality. With the U-GYM Smart Massage app, supporting both iOS and Android OS, you can design your own muscle training or preferred massage programs and share them with friends.

Quick Operation Guide

1. Set up and get started

Connect the cord lead to the buttons on the electrodes, making sure the leads are firmly attached to the center of the electrodes.

2. Applying electrodes on the skin

Place the electrodes on the muscles based on your personal preference. Always apply the electrodes on the skin before activating the device.

3. Connecting cord to device

Insert the cord connector pin into the jack on the bottom of the device. Make sure the pin is fully inserted into the jack.

4. Powering on

Press and hold down the power button (located on the upper right of the device) for 1 second. UGYM Pro will vibrate once and the LED display will illuminate. Now your device has been turned on.

5. Selecting massage mode

Press the mode button (there is a square mark on the button) on the front of the device to cycle through the 4 modes (M1 to M4). Other than the original 4 massage modes, we are constantly researching and developing new modes which are available for download through our U-GYM Smart Massage app.

6. Changing massage intensity

The two buttons on the left side of the device marked +/– allow you to control the intensity of your massage. In total there are 26 levels of intensity marked by the array of LED lights. One LED light indicates two levels of intensity change.

7. Pausing during massage

During a massage session, you can press the pause button (a square button right above the + button) to temporarily stop the device. This will reset your massage timer and selected intensity to their original settings. If you leave the device idle for 60 seconds, it will automatically turn off.

8. Powering off

To power off your device simply hold the power button for 3 seconds. There will be two vibrations and the LED display will turn off to indicate the device has shut off. When finished with a massage session, replace the electrodes on the clear plastic sheet and store it in a cool, dry place to ensure maximum longevity.

Massage Mode 1: Pushing and kneading

Relieve pain, fatigue and weariness and return muscles to their original state.

Effectively relaxes weary and uncomfortable muscle tension, muscle ache and stress. Specially designed deep layer muscle stimulation waves can strengthen muscles, help manage health and reduce waistline.

Massage Mode 2: Rapid Tapping

Increase blood circulation and promote better health

This mode imitates the rhythmic pounding of Swedish massage known as Tapotement. Repetitive strikes that can help tap exact pressure points  to increase blood flow and strengthen your immune system.

Massage Mode 3: Massage Chair

Soothe and stretch out your muscles so you can relax after an intense workout.

This massage program shifts from a soft and light touch to a deep and intense massage. It’s one of the most popular modes to effectively stretch out and soothe your muscles after a long day. It helps promote metabolism, eliminating lactic acid buildup and helping you recover faster.

Massage Mode  4: Muscle Training

Efficiently increase muscle strength and density to reduce body fat.

Combine muscle training stimulation with physical exercise to increase muscle contraction rate and intensity. Helps build up muscle much faster with less chance of getting injured.

Use U-GYM Smart Massage app

1. Download and Install app

Just use the keyword “UGYM” in the app store and you should find the U-GYM app. Please download and install the app on your smartphone.

2. Activate the app

    Once you open the app you will see the login screen below. You can either use Facebook login or Airsig login.

    When using Facebook to login, make sure the Facebook account is already logged in. The app will take you to the Facebook login page. Select “Use Facebook to Login” and click “Confirm” to continue. The app now will take you to the main page. (Note that if you are inactive for 5 minutes, you will be logged out.)

    When using Airsig to login for the first time, you will be prompted to set up a signature. Please think of a name of at least 6 characters such as “Franky”. Picture that word in your head. Keep your thumb on the screen and hold the phone like a wand and write the word in the air. Once it has been set up, it will take you to the main page. (Note that if you are inactive for 5 minutes, you will be logged out.)

    3. Download additional massage modes

    Press the menu in the upper right corner and select “Download Available Modes”. You will see UGYM005 to UGYM011 show up in the Available Mode section.

    4. Pair and control the device

    You will need to pair the device to update the firmware or control the device from the app. Turn on your UGYM Pro. In the app, press the menu in the upper left corner, tap on “Settings” and then U-GYM Paring. You will see a device named “U-Gym 075DBC”; click on the name and you can set a nickname for it. Now the device is paired successfully. You can click on “System Update” to see if there’s any available firmware updates for your device.

    Now click on “Mode” to go back to the main screen.

    Click on one of the M1-M4 modes and the screen will change to the one shown below. Press “+” to increase intensity and “-“ to decrease intensity. You can see the remaining time left on the lower bar.

    If you select one of the available modes download, you can Replace M1 to M4 mode on the device. If you don’t like the change, you can restore the default M1-M4 back on device as well.

    5. Create self-defined modes

    Before using the Self-defined mode, please make sure you tap on the menu in the upper corner and select “Sync Available Cycles”. You will see different cycles pops up.

    Tap on any of the cycles and they will show up in the sequence. Click on “Experience” and choose an intensity to try your design. (Make sure your pads are already on your body and cord is plugged into the device)

    If the design is complete, press “Save” and give the mode a name. Now you can see an additional mode on the bottom of main page.

    6. Upload and share Self-defined mode

    Tap on one of the Self-design modes and you can delete or share the mode on Facebook.


    Quick Guide

    1. Thoroughly wash and dry the skin and attach the black or red lead to the electrode button Slowly pull the electrode off the clear plastic sheet by grabbing one corner, apply electrodes flat to the skin. Make sure no electrodes are overlapping. Uneven electrode application will affect the desired massage.
    2. UGYM Pro has 4 massage modes to choose from. Select the mode that fits you best and raise the intensity level until you find a comfortable level. Be careful not to raise the intensity level too fast as overloading intensity may cause muscle cramps.
    3. Every massage session lasts for 30 minutes and will stop automatically. If you change the massage mode during previous session, the timer will reset to 30 minutes.
    4. If you want to remove electrodes during a massage session, remember to press the reset button or switch to the lowest intensity.
    5. Keep in mind you can use your smartphone to control the device remotely. (Bluetooth version only)                                         


    Device has suddenly stopped during session.

    1. Check to see if the battery display is shining orange. The device may need to be charged.
    2. Check to see if: electrodes are off the skin; one of the leads has been disconnected; or if the lead cord got disconnected from the device cord jack
    3. Check the lead cord for cracks, tears or other possible damage.
    4. Every massage mode lasts for 30 minutes. The device will automatically turn off after 60 seconds of inactivity.
    5. If your device is overheating or malfunctioning, it will automatically power off.

    How to reset the device if it’s malfunctioning?

    1. Leave it for a day and it will reset itself.
    2. Let the battery drain and recharge the device again.
    3. Charge the device for 10 minutes and unplug the micro USB cable.

    About Electrodes (Pads)

    1. To avoid dermatological infection and for good hygiene, please use dedicated pads for each person.
    2. Please keep the water-based gel on the pads clean and avoid touching the gel.
    3. Place the pad on the clear plastic cover to avoid contamination and extend usage life.
    4. Please keep pads in a cool place and avoid high humidity and direct sun light. Recommended storage conditions: Temperature <28°C and humidity 50±5%
    5. The average pad lifespan is around 30~40 uses (roughly one to two weeks) depending on personal hygiene, skin condition and how many times it is used per day.

    UGYM mini User Manual


    Please consult a doctor before using UGYM mini if you have below conditions:

    • Pacemaker or cardiac dysfunction
    • Hypertension, cancer or diabetes.
    • Body temperature over 38°C, acute inflammation or in frail condition.
    • Muscle sprain, strain or in acute pain.
    • Pregnant, have given natural birth within past 6 months, or had a caesarean section within past year.

    UGYM mini Quick Guide :

    1. Attach electrodes to electrode cord: Press the snap-on clip firmly onto the electrode pads.
    2. Electrode placement: Put the pads on areas you want to massage, normally directly on sore or painful areas. (Please do this while the device is off. Refer to illustration below for recommended placement areas.)
    3. Connect electrode cord: Plug the electrode cord into the UGYM mini and make sure the jack is all the way in.
    4. Turn device on: Long press  for a half second. The device will vibrate once and the LED will flash green, indicating massage sequence 1. The device will automatically shut off if idle for 60 seconds.
    5. Switching massage mode: There are two modes. Double press  to switch between mode 1 and mode 2. The LED is green when in mode 1 and blue when in mode 2.
    6. Intensity level selection: press  and  to control the intensity of the massage. There are 26 levels in total to choose from.
    7. Turn device off: Long press  for 2 seconds and the device will shut off. The LED indicator will turn off and the device will vibrate twice to indicate it has shut down.

    Note about Charging:

    If the orange LED turns off while charging, the device is fully charged.

    Embedded 2600mAh Lithium Battery

    1. UGYM mini can be used up to 5 hours after being fully charged. (Usage time varies and depends on intensity level and mode used.)
    2. The orange LED will flash slowly to indicate low battery level (less than 10%).
    3. Massage functions are disabled during charging. Both charging and massage cannot be performed at the same time.


    Please do not use U-GYM mini in temperatures over 40°C. Never expose the device and battery to high temperatures or fire.

    Troubleshooting - If device stops during massage

    1. Please check if the LED is flashing orange, indicating low battery. Please charge the device immediately.
    2. Verify that the electrode cord is firmly plugged into the device and all snap-on clips are firmly attached to the pads. Check to see if any electrodes have fallen off or becoming detached.
    3. Check if the electrode cord is damaged or cracked.
    4. Check if the massage has run for 30 minutes and the device has shut off automatically.
    5. Check if the device is overheating or acting abnormally, causing it to shut down automatically for safety.

    Long term discomfort from muscle soreness or neck, shoulder and back pain will seriously affect quality of life

     Many people nowadays work over 8 hours a day and spend long hours in a sitting position. Even though they change their posture and walk a bit from time to time, most muscles are not properly stretched or relaxed, causing accumulation of metabolic waste, leading to soreness or muscle pain, especially in the neck, shoulder and back areas.

    According to our observation, most white-collar workers have a problem with sleep deprivation. In fact, most muscle pain and soreness in multiple areas is the result of bad posture at work. If these muscles are not fully relaxed, quality of sleep will suffer, causing a vicious cycle of yet more muscle pain. Getting enough sleep is the key to muscle recovery, and every person should get at least eight hours of sleep daily to let the body fully recover. We can try doing stretches, or adjust our sitting posture, or simply utilize the UGYM mini to relax our muscles anytime, anywhere.


    U-GYM’s proprietary electronic massage technology gives you a professional massage as effective as one from a real therapist

    Through UGYM mini’s deep tissue massage, deeper muscles will contract passively to improve blood circulation and clear away metabolic waste from these areas and effectively relieve discomfort from muscle stiffness or pain. UGYM mini’s average frequency is between 2000 to 4000Hz and penetrates to deep tissue to stimulate meridians and nerves, giving users a deep massage sensation, similar to acupressure from a massage therapist. Most TENS and EMS systems on the market use low frequency stimulation (below 1000Hz), which cannot effectively penetrate beyond the skin and stimulate deep tissues for effective muscle contraction.

    Usage Notice

    1. Clean and dry the skin; remove the pad (electrode) from the clear plastic sheet using the pull tab and place the pad on the treatment Place the pad flat on the skin, avoiding wrinkles for better effect.
    2. There are two massage modes to choose from. Select the desired mode and press  or  to change the intensity level. Slowly increase the intensity level, keeping intensity bearable and comfortable.
    3. The massage program will end automatically after 30 minutes. The timer and intensity level will reset if the mode has been changed.
    4. UGYM mini will shut off automatically after being idle for 60 seconds.
    5. Please do not remove the pads from skin until the intensity is switched to the lowest level or U-GYM is turned off.
    6. A massage program cannot be started when the battery is lower than 10% and the device will not turn on if the battery is lower than 5%.

    How to check battery life?

    While UGYM mini is powered on, press  once and the white LED will flash. One flash indicates 20% battery life remaining, two flashes indicates 40% battery remaining, three flashes indicates 60%, four flashes indicates 80% and five flashes indicates 100% battery life remaining.

    U-GYM simulates a deep massage technique from a real therapist to give you complete relaxation!

    Massage Mode 1:

    Uses different levels and frequencies of pulses overlapping together to produce a gentle, solid but deep kneading sensation. This mode can effectively relieve muscle fatigue and soreness, as well as help release tension.

    Massage Mode 2:

    Alternates between gentle and strong pulses to effectively relieve muscle stiffness caused by staying in one position for extended periods. This mode can improve blood circulation and metabolism to speed up muscle recovery.

    Important notes for massage:

    Massage intensity should be selected based on treatment area, size of pads, personal muscle sensation and individual body condition. Make sure the intensity is within your comfort zone.

    1. Treatment of no more than 1 hour (two cycles) for each area is recommended per day.
    2. Please drink 500cc warm water after each massage session to keep muscle cells hydrated during recovery and speed up metabolism of cellular waste products.
    3. The actual feeling of massage intensity depends on pad locations, personal physique and individual sensitivity.
    4. Stop using U-GYM Mini immediately if you feel any discomfort during the stimulation process and consult your doctor.

    Instructions for electrode placement:

    1. Avoid placing pads near the heart, neck, eyes, mouth, genitals and other sensitive areas.
    2. Avoid putting pads on areas with rash, acne or
    3. Users with a history of skin conditions should limit usage time.
    4. If the pads become dirty, dried out, worn out, etc., causing poor massage performance, we recommend replacing the pads. (For best results, we recommend replacing pads every month.)

    Best practices for electrodes:

    1. To avoid possible skin infection and good hygiene, please use dedicated pads for each individual.
    2. Please keep the silicone gel on the pads clean and avoid touching it directly.
    3. Place the pads on the clear plastic cover when not in use to avoid contamination and extend longevity.
    4. Keep pads in a cool dry place away from high humidity and direct sun light. (Recommended storage conditions: Temperature <28°C and humidity 50±5%.)
    5. The average pad lifespan is around 30~40 uses (roughly one month) depending on frequency of use, personal hygiene and skin condition.