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When U-GYM founder and CEO Mark Yu received treatment for a shoulder injury three years ago, he discovered that professional electrotherapy is painless and highly effective. However, having to travel to electrotherapy appointments was time consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. That's when Mark decided to study medium frequency stimulation. His goal was to create a convenient and portable solution.

After successfully shipping the team's first product -- U-GYM Pro -- for sports and exercise enthusiasts, Mark received a lot of feedback and created a simpler, more consumer-friendly device designed to improve sleep quality. U-GYM Mini is the result of this communal collaboration.

Despite the surplus of big brand name electrical stimulation devices on the market, most of them use cheap materials with no actual electrotherapy effects. It is important to understand the difference between professional and commercial grade electrotherapy.

 How do you mimic a real deep-tissue massage?

Our core technology is based on digitally-controlled electro muscle stimulation. U-GYM uses medium frequency electrotherapy(above 1kHz) to mimic a real massage. Most consumer grade TENS units use low frequencies which only stimulate shallow muscle tissues to superficially block pain without actually penetrating the muscle tissue. Low frequencies also tend to irritate the skin.

    Our goal is to bring professional grade electrotherapy into the palms of your hand, so you can enjoy a relaxing, invigorating massage at anytime, anywhere. After years of planning and development, we have finally created the product we are satisfied with and we are thrilled to share U-GYM with you. We hope you give U-GYM a try. You won't regret it!

    Our Team

    Mark Yu - Founder / CEO
    CC Hsu - Cofounder / CTO
    Aki Hsu - Cofounder / COO
    Marty Lo - APP Developer
    Oren Hsu - Mechanical Engineer
    Dr. Chin-Yin Tsai - Medical Advisor
    Dr. Abel Huang - Clinical Advisor