Better way to get natural protein and stop hunger

Better way to get natural protein and stop hunger

Taiwan style beef jerky, made with 100% USDA Angus beef and genuine Taiwanese ingredient. Tender, juicy and flavorful.

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Enjoy healthy lifestyle with U-GYM

Enjoy healthy lifestyle with U-GYM

Get effective massager for better recovery and delicious high-protein beef jerky on the go.

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Professional electrotherapy, on the go.

Professional electrotherapy is painless and very effective. However, professional grade electrotherapy devices are large and stationary. We've combined years of research in medium frequency with our technology background & experience to create U-Gym - the portable solution for your muscle problems - providing pro-level muscle stimulation & stress relief anywhere you go.

Deep & Comfortable Massage

U-GYM operates at frequency between 4000 to 8000Hz to stimulate deep into the muscle, nerves and meridians, simulating acupressure feel instead of the stinging feel on the skin when using conventional low frequency electrotherapy.
Deep & Comfortable Massage

Complete Workout Companion

U-Gym can be used before, during, and after workout to stimulate your muscles and improve workout efficiency.
Complete Workout Companion

Enhance Exercise Whenever Wherever

The ultimate portable accessory for every sport to relieve deep layer of muscle stiffness and soreness on the spot in as little as 15 minutes.
Enhance Exercise Whenever Wherever

Your Personal Masseur

Get your daily fix of private massage anytime, anywhere.

UGYM Pro: Portable Deep Muscle Sport Massager
  • Smartphone Control

    Switch massage modes using U-GYM App to get stimulation strength & pressure just right for you!
  • Highly Mobile

    Mount it on your armband or put it in your pocket. Use it indoor, outdoor, anytime, and anywhere.
  • Stylish

    Designed by former "Under Armour" designer. It looks even better in action with futuristic-looking LED lights.
  • Powerful Battery Life

    A fully charged battery gives you 8 hours of satisfying massage. It can also be used as a portable charger for your smartphone!
  • All-in-one Fitness Manager

    All-in-one Fitness Manager

    U-GYM has built-in fitness features that connect to our smart App to help you track health progress and manage your exercise routines. The U-GYM App is FREE and available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

    All-in-one Fitness Manager
  • U-GYM has many embedded functions such as exercise records, photo shooting and sharing, progress sharing, stimulation user reports and target settings.

  • U-GYM supports both iOS and Android platforms. Allowing you and other users to customize, swap, and share your own health management systems.

Relieve your muscle pain

Soreness in muscles can affect your sleep. Not having a good
night of sleep can hinder the recovery of your body. Prevent getting
into a vicious cycle by giving your body a proper massage.
Warm up
Stimulate your muscles before and during warm up to enhance warm up efficiency and avoid sports injuries.
During workout
Muscle stimulation during training can increase workout intensity and burn more calories.
After workout
Loosen your body with proper muscle stimulation to relieve and prevent soreness after intense workout.